YaJagoff! On Q


Mon-Fri 7PM-10PM


What is going on in Pittsburgh? Where is the hottest new spot? Who are the Steel City who’s whoers and who are the jagoffs? Listen to YaJagoff on Q with podcast duo John and Rachael every weeknight from 7pm to 10pm. It’s a pod on broad combining music and mini-interviews from fellow yinzers.

The phrase Ya Jagoff is a Pittsburghese phrase with 3 different interpretations: it can be someone has cut you off in traffic. It can be someone who simply scared the $#@% outta you. Or it can be a term of endearment such as, “How ya doin’, Ya Jagoff?”

Listen to the latest episodes of YaJagoff! Podcast below, and listen to their whole library of episodes on Anchor.fm, or wherever you get your podcasts!